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Everything is part of a story and this T-shirt is a design project by Tania Goryushina and with automotive related advice from Pierre Helgesson. The drawing has been done by Tania’s skillful hands and creative mind to come up with the glazed tire as a birthday cake with the number 60 on top. There is also the subtle details such as the line under the headlight that gives it age with a monocle like appearance.  Lastly the red circle as the background has a feeling of the rising sun from japan which isn’t a bad reference for me or to represent the inspiring Mini scene in Japan, but it actually there as a subtle nod to the oldest Mini car club outside of Britain. This Mini club of which Pierre is a member originally had a British bulldog in front of a red circle as the original logo.

Description: Digitally printed T-shirts. Sizes are on the smaller side. Reinforcement in the neck for durability and comfort. Gray with a soft touch and melange type but subtle pattern in the gray. The pattern of the fabric is visible through the color in order to give the print more dept in its design.

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